Here in Sheffield we run short 6 week beginners courses throughout the year so you can learn the fundamentals of Lishi tai chi. The courses are run by highly experienced teachers and in a welcoming and friendly class environment.
At the end of the course you will feel improved health, fitness and well being or your money back! And of course you can keep attending the weekly class to continue benefiting from Lishi tai chi.
Cost of the course is £42 for 6 weeks (to include free membership for discounted further classes).

Courses and classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Click on the buttons for more details about each class and course dates.

Recent beginner’s comments:

Lishi is not what I expected at all, its so much better than I thought it would be. The teacher and class are really friendly and welcoming, there’s a lot of variety – from dodging sticks to receiving a massage – and everything is kept light hearted and good fun. There’s no pressure to be competitive or perfect, the class is a really positive respectful environment and Lishi is completely unique and different to anything I’ve ever done before. I would recommend anyone of any age to come along and try it.‘ Chantelle Campling, May 2014
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