Manchester Uni Tai Chi Class

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Thursday Afternoons 3:00 – 4:30pm
Students Union Building (Click for map)
Here is where the class will be over the next few weeks:
20th November – No Class (Come to Chorlton class instead)
27th November 3-5pm Room 2
4th December 3-5pm Room 2
11th December 3-5pm Room 8



CALL or TXT: 07525 377605



Lishi Tai Chi Classes in Manchester Uni
Thursday Afternoons 3:00 – 4:30pm
Students Union Building
Ask at reception to find the room each week

Here is where the class will be over the next few weeks:
30th October – Room 6
6th November – No Class
13th November Room 4

Look forward to seeing you there




Four classes – Normally £32
Reduced to just £12
(Massive 65% discount)

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An alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life……. ……..that works!

In Lishi Tai Chi in Manchester Uni, we practice an ancient Taoist-Chinese exercise system.

Taoism is the art and science of cultivating Qi. Qi is the energy that flows through the universe and all living beings, – and that includes you! In Lishi Tai Chi in Manchester University you learn how to use your Chi and practice an ancient art form that has existed for thousands of years. So whats it doing in the University of Manchester?
Come and find out…

An alternative way to get fit, feel energized, find inner peace

You’ll LOVE it

Scroll down to find out more….

Lishi Tai Chi and Kung Fu arm with chi flowing Manchester Uni Tai Chi ClassFor thousands of years, people all over the world have been practising and benefiting from Chinese exercise systems like Taichi, Taiji, Wushu, Yoga and Kungfu.

At the Uni class in Manchester, we will teach you a time-tested way to raise your energy, become fitter and learn a philosophy for life that has been around for thousands of years for one reason, and one reason only….because it works!

In a few short weeks you could find yourself feeling very different (in a good way!) and you don’t have to spend money on an expensive gym membership to get these benefits!

The exercises we teach have been practised behind closed doors for thousands of years. Traditionally, they were considered so powerful that they were only passed on to select family members and friends.

Fate brought these Arts to the UK when the last member of the Lee Family, Chan Kam Li taught them to his adopted nephew, Chee Soo.

In time, Chee Soo formed the International Taoist Society (which is now known as Lishi International) to keep these arts alive and ensure the quality of all practitioners and teachers.

Lishi Tai Chi London sessions at Somerset House in London for anyone to try it Manchester Uni Tai Chi Class

There is an open class in Manchester Uni and we’d like to invite you to come and find out if Lishi Tai Chi in Manchester is for you.

At your first class you will be introduced to principles and exercises that have stood the test of time. They have been proven to work for both men and women for thousands of years so you can feel confident they will work for you too.

Through a range of Taoist exercises with some similarities to Yoga, Tai Chi and Kungfu, here’s just some of what you will discover….

The Power of Relaxation

You will prove to yourself that tension and stress actually make you weaker. We will then show you ways to rid yourself of this forever and prove how being relaxed doubles your strength instantly.

The Keys to Greater Vitality

Building on lessons of relaxation I hand you the Keys to Greater Vitality by revealing special Taoist ‘Dao Yin’ breathing techniques.

Moving with Stillness

Learn to focus your mind and develop incredible concentration through mindful exercise that promotes greater calm and harmony between mind and body.

Raise the Tempo

True fitness is achieved by increasing the intensity of how you currently exercise. Taoists in China realised this thousands of years ago and developed exercises that are safe yet challenging for all people. It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are when you walk through the door to the class our exercises are guaranteed to exercise your heart and lungs, burn fat and tone and strengthen your muscles so that you have more energy available at all times.

Chi – Your Vital Force

You will be introduced to the natural energy within your body that has always been available to you. Exercising and utilising your “chi” or “qi” is the very essence of Lishi and brings greater benefits than you can realise.

Self-Defense that is fun and simple

The principles of Lishi are very effective as a system of self-defense and step-by-step you will gain greater coordination and confidence by working with a partner to test what you are learning in a supportive environment.

Once you experience the benefits of lishi Tai Chi in the University of Manchester, you will want to make “feeling fit, healthy and energised” your natural way. We will spend time learning and practising exercises so that Lishi becomes a natural part of your lifestyle so you can draw on the benefits whenever you want, wherever you are.

To contact us about the class, email ben[at] or call 07525377605.

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Four classes – Normally £32
Reduced to just £12
(Massive 65% discount)



Being a university student can be stressful…

….Nobody can argue with that. You have lectures, exams, deadlines, a social life (or lack of one!). People are putting pressure on you from left right and centre, your parents, your tutors, your housemates, maybe your boss as well and then on top of that there’s money. Let’s not even go there!
All of this can make you feel stressed and under pressure and as soon as you’ve dealt with one thing….. there’s something else you need to get done.
Over time it can feel like you are fighting a battle that can be frustrating and exhausting and wear your energy levels down. Sometimes it seems that you are trapped and you have no choice but to just keep slogging on…
… but more of the same is a drag.
The thing is, when your energy levels are low, it becomes even more difficult to do what you need to do and it can all pile up until we start to find ourselves feeling anxious and stressing out about stuff too much of the time.
Don’t worry.
You’re not the only one.
I’ve been there too…. but I was fortunate enough to find an ancient trick for turning this round so that I’m back in control of my life.
Just imagine for a moment… if you could create a small window of time for yourself where you could discover and practise ways to boost your energy levels, feel more relaxed and get rid of stress whilst meeting other people who are self-aware enough to invest in their own growth and development. Wouldn’t that be great?
You see, when your energy is low, your ability to impact your world drops down too and that leads to stress which reduces our energy…..
And round and round we go….
…but when you learn to turn up the energy dial in your body, you feel stronger, you feel more confident and life gets easier. When we are relaxed, confident, feel strong and full of energy, we can easily get done the things that previously caused us pain.
Now, if you’re a student and have read this far, you’re obviously an intelligent person, and you probably realise that if you want things to change, it is you that is going to have to make the change.
You are going to have to make “doing this“ more important than all that other stuff because the reality is that all the energy you used worrying about things would be far better if it is channelled into doing something that makes you stronger instead.
I mean, take a moment now to wonder what it would be like if your energy was ten times stronger than your anxiety. Would you be stressed then? Or would you feel on top of the world with the confidence to command all that matters to you?
Wisdom from ancient China that I have had the privilege of being exposed to has proven, over thousands of years, that the first step to taking control of your life is to get control of your mind and your body.
I mean, it makes sense right, if you can’t control your mind and body, what hope do you have of controlling all of those things and people that are hassling you from the outside?
Science has shown us that most of what we spend time worrying about, NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENS! Think about that for a moment….
Essentially what the research is saying is that “the mind is mainly fantasy!”
So if we want to make sure that we are dealing with reality, the first step is to get in touch with something that we are confident is real.
When we spend some time on what is real, we can start to change our reality.
That is why ancient exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga and Martial Arts have been proven to have all sorts of mental and physical health benefits. Practising these exercises regularly, even if it’s just once a week has been proven to make a massive difference to the amount of peace and calm that busy people leading stressful lives feel.
So how would it be if you were to invest the equivalent of just 12 minutes a day to eradicating stress forever and making sure that you feel calm, confident and in control of things?
My name’s Ben and I teach the Lishi Tai Chi, Yoga and Chinese Self Defence class at the University of Manchester and I’d like to invite you to take a first step towards the positive differences that you want in your life.
My own experience of working with hundreds and hundreds of people who feel stressed, anxious and like they don’t quite fit, is that the solution is much closer than you realise. In fact, it is right under your nose.
If you learn to breathe properly and combine this correct breathing with some secret exercises from China that I can teach you, then you can tap into the ancient wisdom of your body and start to take back control of your life. Yes, it sounds too good to be true but time and time again, my students tell me what a difference Lishi makes to their lives. There’s no arguing with experience.
The amazing thing is, that when you learn how to locate and maintain your centre, pressure simply evaporates.
When you find your flow, “pressure” stops feeling like a dam that is holding you back, and instead it begins to spur you on. Like the banks of a river, channelling your energy and making the flow faster and more powerful. Wouldn’t you like to have that feeling every week?
In this video, other beginners talk about the benefits they get from coming to a Lishi class. Watch it now…

So, what’s your feeling after watching the video?
I hope you enjoyed it and it resonates with you in some way.
Anyway, if you’re still here with me, I’d like to thank you for giving me your ongoing attention and as a thank you for investing your energy with me this far, I’d like to invite you to take the next step and book a place at the Lishi Tai Chi, Yoga and Chinese Self Defence class at the University of Manchester
The class takes place every week during term time at xxxxxx
To make things as easy as possible for you, I’m going to put a very special offer on the table. An offer that takes all of the risk away from you and puts it all squarely on me.
If you click the button below, book, pay and attend all 4 classes then I guarantee that at the end of the 4 week course you will get all the benefits that I promise and you will feel that you’ve made the right choice. If you don’t feel that way then I offer you a 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee.
At the class, you will discover for yourself how easy it is to be rid of those feelings of stress, worry, anxiety etc. and instead feel calm, confident and in control.
The secret to changing it all, is to start with the thing that’s closest to you.
Your body has all the answers you need so…
…if you want things to change, then it is you who has to do something different.
This is your opportunity to DO something different now!
Click and book your place.
It feels good when you take action and start moving things in the right direction.
But that’s not all…
Once you have booked your place, I will send you a free video course that teaches you the very, very basics of the class so that you can feel confident that you’re not a complete novice when you come along.
Remember, all the risk is on me and you have nothing to lose
I look forward to seeing you at the class

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