Leeds University Class

EMAIL | CALL or TXT: 07712347776

The Leeds Uni classes run twice a week and Everyone is Welcome!

An Alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life that works!

Class Details
Tuesday 2-4pm – LUU ARC building in Meeting Room 2
Friday 2.30-4pm – LUU ARC building in Meeting Room 6

Friday 10th October – Qigong in Meeting Room 6
Friday 17th October – Soft Kung Fu in Meeting Room 6

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New Members of the Leeds Uni classes are also able to come along to the Monday night
Headingley class for a reduced rate. Click here for more info about the Headingley Lishi Class

Half Day Workshops
I am running three workshops this year in Headingley/Hyde Park.
They are all open to beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.
On this page, you can read about what we will cover on each workshop as well as booking your place and taking advantage of exclusive online discounts. Click the workshop below to read more and book your place:

15th Feb 2015 – Mindfulness through Lishi
8th March 2015 – Being Natural in a Modern World
10th May 2015 – Meditation Breathing and Meditation in Motion

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What will I learn?

You will be introduced to a range of exercises that make up Lishi.

These include:

• Daoist Taijiquan forms including the Square Yard form and Flying Hands form
• Kai Men – a system of Daoist Yoga to open up your energy channels – great for increasing suppleness and flexibility
• Dao Yin breathing exercises for good health and detoxing
• Qi Gong – learn how to use and direct your intrinsic energy
• “Hand of the Wind” Kung Fu – a dynamic system of self Defence – great for toning and increasing stamina
• Chang Ming –Ancient Long Life Dietary Therapy

Read what other students at Leeds Uni say about the classes here

For More Info Contact Wai-Yii on 07712347776 and

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