Tai Chi forms, breathing and movement exercises used for centuries in China to maintain good health and quality of life.

Get re-energised and active.

A dynamic Lishi class has opened in central London at the University of the Arts London (UAL). The class is open to beginners and will teach both the Yin and Yinplus arts of Lishi. You will be able to get fit and meet new people. From your first class, you will also learn how to use your energy and practice art forms that have existed for thousands of years. We also have a cup of Chinese tea halfway through and music is often played in the class. Lishi is the Chinese path to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

Find out more by getting in contact, joining our facebook group or just come along on the night.

Where: University of the Arts London (UAL) Activities Studio, Students’ Union 272 High Holborn London WC1V 7EY
When: Come along on Tuesday’s from 6-8pm

University of the Arts London Students are encouraged to attend as part of their student life at University. It is a great way to meet other students and have some time out from lectures!

An alternative way to feel energised, find inner peace and learn an ancient philosophy for life……. ……..that works.

In Holborn Tai Chi, we practice an ancient Daoist-Chinese exercise system.

Daoism is the art and science of cultivating Qi. Qi is the energy that flows through the universe and all living beings, – and that includes you! In Lishi Tai Chi in Holborn you learn how to use your Chi and practice an ancient art form that has existed for thousands of years.

Come and find out…

Tom at tom.s[at]lishi.org
Or our facebook page here
Or call 07950 531431

In every session you will experience:

The Power of Relaxation
Prove to yourself that tension and stress actually make you weaker and being relaxed doubles your strength instantly.

The Keys to Greater Vitality
Practice traditional ‘Dao Yin’ breathing techniques to give the body and mind more energy and wake you up.

Moving with Stillness
Focus your mind and develop incredible powers of concentration through mindful exercise.

Raising the Tempo
It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are, Lishi exercises are guaranteed to exercise your heart and lungs, burn fat and tone and strengthen your muscles to help you look and feel good.

Chi –Your Vital Force
Get in touch with your own natural power and learn how to use it to change your life.

Like Capoeira, Lishi appears as a dance when you see it performed, but the dance disguises a fun dynamic way of staying safe and protecting yourself.

After the session you will leave feeling better than when you started