Wednesdays 1-2pm at Dulwich Constitutional Club, 33 East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8PW
Tai Chi Forms, Breathing and Movement Exercises Used for Centuries in China
to Maintain Good Health and Quality of Life.


Dulwich Lishi is a friendly class and you are very welcome to come along. It’s also a small group so you are sure to receive personal attentionDulwich Lishi is currently the only Lishi class south of the river and it is held conveniently close to the centre of East Dulwich

There are regular new start dates for beginners throughout the year

Contact the teacher and book your place using the details below:

Call Lesley on 07786 927035 or email lesley[at]

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To sign up call Lesley on 07786 927035 or email lesley[at]
Find out what to expect at the Dulwich Lishi (Tai Chi / Yoga / Kungfu) class by reading on…Through a range of Taoist exercises with some similarities to Yoga, Tai Chi and Kungfu, here’s just some of what you will discover…
The Power of Relaxation
You will prove to yourself that tension and stress actually make you weaker. We will then show you ways to rid yourself of this forever and prove how being relaxed doubles your strength instantlyThe Keys to Greater Vitality
Building on lessons of relaxation you will discover the Keys to Greater Vitality through special Taoist ‘Dao Yin’ breathing techniques

Moving with Stillness
Learn to focus your mind and develop incredible concentration through mindful exercise that promotes greater calm and harmony between mind and body

Chi – Your Vital Force
You will be introduced to the natural energy within your body that has always been available to you. Exercising and utilising your “chi” or “qi” is the very essence of Lishi and brings greater benefits than you can realize

Raise the Tempo
True fitness is achieved by increasing the intensity of how you currently exercise. Taoists in China realised this thousands of years ago and developed exercises that are safe yet challenging for all people. It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are when you walk through the door to the class our exercises are guaranteed to exercise your heart and lungs, burn fat and tone and strengthen your muscles so that you have more energy available at all timesSelf-Defense that is fun and simple
The principles of Lishi are very effective as a system of self-defense and step-by-step you will gain greater coordination and confidence by working with a partner to test what you are learning in a supportive environment

Once you experience the benefits of lishi, you will want to make “feeling fit, healthy and energised” your natural way. We will spend time learning and practising exercises so that Lishi becomes a natural part of your lifestyle so you can draw on the benefits whenever you want, wherever you are

Discover your Chi Energy and start to feel fitter, healthier, more energised and confident in a few short weeks…
To sign up call Lesley on 07786 927035 or email lesley[at]