Thank you for your interest in Lishi which is the Chinese name for our activity.

We hope that this webpage will make you want to join our class and give it a go!

It’s really difficult to say what Lishi is in a few words as it is very ancient and has hidden depths or layers rather like an onion does!

Lishi Tai Chi in BarnsleyYou will get expert tuition from John pictured in action here. Also Caroline and Irene are on hand to assist.
We meet every Wednesday morning at 10.30. The cost is £12 per month payable on the first Wednesday of the Month.The Centre is wheelchair friendly with easy access for the disabled. The class also welcomes wheelchair users and their carers.

First 20 minutes we do the warm up exercises.Then we move on to the Lishi (Tai Chi).

For more info please contact barnsleydaytime[at]

What is Lishi?
Lishi Yin Arts consist of slow, soft movements and exercises to help nourish the body so you can develop an overflow of energy. It comes from Weihai in north east China and is thousands of years old!

Lishi involves using your whole body and so you will benefit from it in many ways physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of all Lishi is enjoyable and so you come out of class feeling good with yourself.

Map and Directions

Wilthorpe & Redbrook Community Centre
Huddersfield Road
Barnsley S75 1HB

Going north on Huddersfield road the Centre is just past the traffic lights on the left after the junction with Rowland Rd.

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