The video below and the slideshow further down the page give you a glimpse of Lishi. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to do all of this at your first class icon smile Home but you will be gently introduced to a wide range of exercises that are fun to learn and feel great to practise!

Many people see similarities with Tai Chi, with Yoga or with Kung Fu. But what you are actually seeing is Lishi (pronounced “Lee Sher”). Lishi is meditation in movement, a physical expression of Taoist philosophy and a proven way to have fun, get fitter, become healthier and gain more confidence.

If you want to get a better idea of what Lishi is you can browse the site or enrol on our free “Introduction to Lishi” online course and when you are ready to discover the true depths of what’s on offer here, find a class near you and join other beginners who are already experiencing the benefits of Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and much much more…. because they practise Lishi.

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Lishi is a mindful exercise system and a physical expression of Taoist philosophy and we hope we’ve made it really easy for you to find out if Lishi is for you.

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